A 7-Year-Old Is Traumatized After What Teachers Force Him to Do in the Bathroom…With His Bare Hands [Video]

My son would be out of that school so fast, their heads would spin. Then, I would get a lawyer and sue the crap out of them (pun intended). There is no excuse for this kind of abuse from a teacher – none. That child will live with that memory and it will taint him the rest of his life. All because a teacher got mad and decided to make a point – a very disgusting one. A janitor or adult could have handled it easily, but no… the little boy had to be punished this way. They claimed he used ‘too much TP.’ The two teachers were suspended and then brought back. Not even close to acceptable – they need to be fired over this.

From IJReview:

An elementary student from Royal Live Oaks School in Jasper County, South Carolina, was left humiliated after his teachers forced him to clean a clogged toilet with his bare hands as punishment for using too much toilet paper.

According to the child’s mother, the seven-year-old came home seemingly traumatized after two teachers demanded that he clean the toilet while others watched.

WPTV reports that the toilet contained feces.

Both of the teachers were temporarily suspended, but have since returned to work.

I don’t blame this mother for being livid over this. But I would take it oh so much further. I would go on every radio and TV show that I could. I would write on it and devote a blog to it. It would be all over social media and as I said, my lawyer would be in touch with them – a lot. I would publicize the heck out of it and make them get rid of those teachers. I would never put my child back there, but I would make darn sure those two didn’t get a chance to do this to other children. They should be reported for abuse and outed as the bullies they are. Despicable.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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