Lights go out on State Department and Marie Harf and the neverending jokes immediately start pouring in

In the dark where Marie Harf perpetually lives. “Lights out” Harf fades to black in the pit that is DC. How apropos. And the jokes will just keep on keepin’ on as the not very bright Harf gropes in the dark for words to express her horror in this dark hour. This whole humorous event is a cliche much like Harf is. As one commenter noted, this is what happens when you outsource your power to Solyndra. But Harf is in good company, most of the people in that room live in the dark as well. The vampires ought to feel right at home.

From Young Conservatives:

So in case you didn’t already know, the power went out in D.C., and poor little State Department spokesperson Marie Harf was left in the dark during a press conference.

I bet you’re thinking you’d like to see that.

If only there was a video clip of this moment of pure comedic gold that could be easily shared across a network that connects the entire world.

Lucky for you, there is.

The clip in question is very short, but it does leave the door open for a whole lot of jokes to be made at Harf’s expense, and while I’m a total comedy genius — okay, not really — I’d like to enlist the help of you, our dear readers, to come up with your best zinger/caption poking fun at Marie “lights out” Harf.

There was mine, and as you can see, it’s terrible. It’s up to you now to save the day.

Leave your joke in the comment section and let the good times roll!

Gee… wonder if we’ll ever get the truth on why the power went out? A number of high-profile government entities went dark as did stretches of DC. Even the DOE went down, which is richly ironic. And the lame explanations and excuses will be given as usual, when every American out there actually suspects it was an act of terrorism – probably a dry run. By the way, you’d think all of those government buildings would have backup power and poor Marxists like Marie Harf would not be left in the dark where she couldn’t find her own arse with a flashlight. Just sayin’.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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