A group of little kids were blindfolded and then asked to identify their mothers — the results are so, so sweet [Video]

This is adorable and it goes to prove that little children instinctively know their mothers and can identify them in a myriad of ways. Pandora did this experiment with six mothers and had their children blindfolded. The children were then led to the women and went about figuring out by their other senses which was their mom. The children touched their faces, smelled their mothers and especially went for their hair. None of them seemed to have any difficulty picking out their own, personal mother. It was a very sweet and touching reunion.

From Rare:

Nothing can replicate the instinctual relationship between a mother and her child, and Pandora’s experiment featuring six mommies and their little ones is cold warm, hard proof.

Watch as these kiddies identify their moms, blindfolded. Their sweet reunions will warm your heart!

Each mother has a unique connection to their little one. Mothers know this the minute they give birth and hold their child for the first time. It goes further than instinct – it’s primal. I lost my mother when I was two, so the connection with my own children was very special to me. I would say there is also a bond like this with fathers as well. I would have known my father anywhere. I love the video – it is full of love and joy… something we could all use a lot more of these days.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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