ABC Execs Just Did THIS To Tim Allen And His ‘Obama Insults’ – It Changes Everything.

ABC Execs Just Did THIS To Tim Allen And His ‘Obama Insults’ – It Changes Everything.

Yep, I watched that episode last night. In it, Allen says that he had a four-year plan with Obama that turned into an eight-year nightmare. Oh, so true. Then his uber liberal, squishy son-in-law shoots back with: “My nightmare is being buried alive, and yours is eight years of prosperity?” Boy, he talks about prosperity while living in slum housing. That says a lot, doesn’t it? Does anyone who is sane out there really think we have had eight years of prosperity? Seriously? C’mon! ABC is forcing some kind of ‘balanced view’ on Allen’s show. Not only is it gag-worthy, it’s laughable. Hey! Maybe that’s the point… laughs. Heh. You know for sure that isn’t Tim Allen’s viewpoint.

Tim Allen

From BizPac Review:

It would appear that the big-wigs at ABC have moved to balance the scales a bit in Tim Allen’s sitcom “Last Man Standing.”

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Allen plays a staunch conservative, Mike Baxter, who’s not shy about criticizing liberals, to include President Barack Obama.

But in this week’s episode, “Home Sweet Loan,” there’s a comeback in defense of the president — a first time occurrence, according to Newsbusters.

Allen’s character Baxter was talking to his daughter about her and her husband buying a home, but she informed him that they’re in no rush because they have a five-year plan.

“Well, sometimes, plans don’t work out like that,” Baxter replied. “I had a four-year plan with Obama. It’s turned into an eight-year nightmare.”

And that’s when his liberal, effeminate son-in-law, Ryan, chimed in to defend the president.

“My nightmare is being buried alive, and yours is eight years of prosperity?” Ryan says. “That’s weird.”

Maybe ABC thought that Allen’s show was getting too conservative and too anti-Obama. There’s no such thing of course. With 100 million out of work, the ‘prosperity’ bit was only humorous in a ‘you’ve got to be kidding!’ way. There has not been a recovery. In fact, the economy is getting massively worse. We are now over $19 Trillion in debt and we will be over $20 Trillion in debt as Obama leaves office. His policies have left million without work for freaking years and we are bankrupt with no way to pay our debts off. No wonder people flock to Trump with leaders like Obama. Honestly, either these morons don’t remember what real prosperity is or they are mind numb robots just repeating the party line. For Pete’s sake… leave Last Man Standing alone! It’s one of the very few shows worth watching out there.

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