An Armed Red Lobster Customer Stops An Armed Robbery In Progress [Video]

Once again, it goes to show that if people are armed, crime is prevented or rendered less severe. A man with a spine, a concealed carry permit and a gun stopped a thief in Vegas at a Red Lobster restaurant as he was about to run off with the cash register and what he had stolen from a server. As the customers huddled and feared the worst, one customer took his trusty gun and slipped out to confront said bandit. One shot in the air and the thug took off to be arrested later by the police. Red Lobster sanely allows patrons to carry concealed weapons and it was to their benefit in Vegas. The hero who stopped the thief deserves an all-you-can-eat night on the town. Sea food differently… see thugs stopped with your Second Amendment rights.

From the Daily Caller:

A customer at a Red Lobster in Las Vegas came hungry but left a hero.

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Shortly before 10 p.m. on Thursday, a robber entered the seafood restaurant and took a cash register from a bartender, according to KTNV. The thief, who was armed, also robbed a server.

The action scared patrons who huddled in a booth inside the eatery.

But one customer was prepared.

As the armed robber left the restaurant, cash register in hand, the customer went outside with a gun he had on him at the time.

The customer fired the gun in the air, which caused the robber to drop the cash register.

After dropping the loot, the robber ran off. Police eventually arrested him.

Though many large restaurant chains have moved towards policies restricting patrons’ right to carry guns, Red Lobster has maintained a relatively pro-gun stance.

According to the website Second Amendment Check, which monitors restaurants’ gun policies, as of last year, Red Lobster’s parent company, Darden, follows individual states’ concealed and open carry laws.

Some companies, such as TGI Friday’s and Buffalo Wild Wings, have chosen “opt-out” policies prohibiting patrons from bringing their guns into the restaurant, even in states that allow concealed or open carry.

Other restaurants have insanely banned their clientele from carrying weapons and those establishments are where theft and murder reign. When the citizenry is armed, the criminals fear reprisal and flee. Where the citizenry is stripped of protection and their rights, the thugs rule the roost and do as they please. So endeth the lesson.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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