Biden Has Disappointed The President With His Cussing

Rather than end the day with a palate cleanser, let’s start the day with a bit of political related humor, shall we?

When Joe Biden whispered something indiscreet in the president’s ear, the president was deeply offended. The president, that is, of the “No Cussing Club.”

“I was really, really disappointed that our vice president of the whole United States actually said this,” McKay Hatch said.

McKay, 17, is on a mission to clean up America’s language. The California teen has written and recorded songs, he’s printed posters and published a book. Now he’s sending the vice president a T-shirt and a Cuss Jar where Biden can pay up for every bad word – and not just a quarter.

“Maybe a hundred,” McKay said.

I think Biden should put the hundred in the jar in a public ceremony, don’t you know? Because, being Biden, you just know something is going to slip past his lips, which would necessitate another hundred dollar bill in the jar.

To be honest, and this is not snark aimed at McKay, who is doing something noble, our elected officials could use a bit more salty language, instead of the “my esteemed colleagues.” Let go of the political speak, drop the double talk. When some Democrat is up there yammering on about Obasocialist Care reducing the deficit, a round of “Bullsh*t’s”, ala Animal House, would fit perfectly. When someone like Alan Grayson is saying the GOP plan is that you “just die”, an openly yelled STFU and GFYU would be in order. Maybe then Democrats wouldn’t act like the debutante of the ball when someone yells “you lie!” when, in fact, Obama lied.

Me, I know I could ease down on my cussing. Especially when driving.

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