Burn, Baby Burn! University of Missouri Student Burns ISIS Flag – Crowd Chants USA! [Video]

Burn, Baby Burn! University of Missouri Student Burns ISIS Flag – Crowd Chants USA! [Video]

Well, this made my day. The video is fantastic and it does indeed give you hope for America. A student at the University of Missouri burned an ISIS flag in a barbecue. Hundreds of students showed up for the festivities and started chanting, “USA, USA!” It’s the young who will eventually save the day over all this. Progressives must be wetting themselves right about now. They are cool with burning an American flag… but burning an ISIS flag? Horrors! How very insensitive and un-politically correct.

Burn Flag

From Gateway Pundit:

Hope for America.

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A student at the University of Missouri recently burned an ISIS flag on campus as other students chanted USA. This is the sort of thing that makes progressives cringe.

They’re much more comfortable burning the American flag.

The College Fix reported:

Student torches ISIS flag on campus amid chants of ‘USA’

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Chants of “USA! USA! USA!” echoed across the University of Missouri quad Thursday afternoon as a crowd of students cheered on a student who burned an ISIS flag in a symbolic gesture in response to continual human rights violations by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

The student leading the “#MUCKISIS” flag burning, Ian Paris, 21, president of the Mizzou chapter of Young Americans for Liberty, told the roughly 150 in attendance that the rally was meant to build unity among the people who came to see a flag symbolizing “hatred and intolerance” burned.

It was meant to demonstrate to the “monsters” within ISIS that Americans are not afraid, the political science major said.

Watch the video in the tweet below:

I love the hashtag #MUCKISIS. So very appropriate. Heh. Ian Paris of the Young Americans for Liberty is a young patriot and has a spine. Nice to see. These kids don’t like seeing Christians crucified, children raped, torture, slavery, gays thrown off buildings… imagine that – Americans who believe in freedom and human rights. And in the middle of a college campus to boot. ISIS is populated by psychotic, murderous criminals. They are barbaric demons who are throwbacks to the seventh century. Their hatred and intolerance must be eradicated for civilization to continue. Americans are not afraid and I’m very proud of these college students. All I can say is, “Burn, baby burn!”

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