California Bureauweenies Punish the Righteous, Reward the Wicked

In a world run by moonbats, there’s a price to be paid for not helping to advance degradation and depravity. The Girl Scouts are on board with the progressive agenda, going so far as to encourage children to have sex and to keep the STDs they spread secret. But the Boy Scouts, not wanting an reenactment of the Catholic priest pedophile scandals, have been reluctant to send little boys out into the woods with noisily homosexual scoutmasters. Hence, the punishment from our liberal masters:

Lawmakers in California, presented with resolutions to honor both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for the organizations’ contributions to America over the generations, adopted the one regarding Girl Scouts but shredded the proposal for the Boy Scouts and ripped into the organization for teaching “hate.”

The irony of the lawmakers’ refusal to tolerate the Boy Scouts’ beliefs in the name of “tolerance” was pointed out in a report by the California Family Council.

In addition to failing to facilitate pederasty, the Boy Scouts also stand accused of not embracing atheism.

In contrast, the Girl Scouts get brownie points for not only accepting but actively promoting depravity:

According to the Associated Press, the majority Democrats added a reference to the Girl Scouts’ honor noting that the group has an open-sexual-orientation policy, and Republicans were indignant.

“I just don’t understand why this chamber wants to sexualize children,” said Assembly member Diane Harkey, a Republican.

Here’s why: corruption is the end goal toward which progressives are progressing. Only when we’ve been reduced to farm animals rutting in the mud when we’re not contentedly fattening ourselves on free swill in our fenced-in sties will liberal utopia be achieved.

On a tip from Charlie G. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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