CNN’s Delusional Marc Lamont Hill Verbally Attacks: Police Officers Are “Bad Apples” Acting As “An Occupying Force In The Hood” [Video]

Media bias is on display full bore at CNN as they loose another Leftist to attack the police. Evidently, being black somehow makes you an expert on the Baltimore riots… who knew? He’s labeling all cops as ‘bad apples’ and that they are an ‘occupying force in the hood.’ The only ‘hood’ Hill knows is probably a downtown Starbucks. These riots are instigated by Marxists, telling the young, unemployed poor it’s not your fault… the police are all monsters, which is not true. But hey, it riles the masses and stirs their blood lust, doesn’t it?

From Weasel Zippers:

CNN’s clown show game has officially been bumped up to A+…

Via Newsbusters:

Late Wednesday on CNN Tonight, CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill verbally attacked police officers once again as he decried the notion that there are only a few “bad apples” in law enforcement and that they instead serve as “an occupying force in the hood.”

Two nights after he hailed the violence on the streets of Baltimore as “uprisings” against “police terrorism” instead of riots, Hill was asked by host Don Lemon to respond to comments made by a loved one belonging to one of the six Baltimore police officers suspended due to the investigation into the death of Freddie Gray.

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The Left were just waiting for something like this to happen. Freddie Gray’s death has now been ruled a homicide. There should be an independent second autopsy. The police union wants an independent prosecutor, but Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has rejected this and I very much doubt these officers will get a fair trial, especially with media hounds such as Marc Lamont Hill shrieking ‘racism’ at every turn. I think that Baltimore was picked for this – the feds were shopping for a place for this to happen so they would have a friendly DA etc. that would go against the cops. A total setup to nationalize the police. This cake is baked.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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