VIDEO: Glenn Beck Predicts 1/2 of Churches Will Disappear if Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gay Marriage

VIDEO: Glenn Beck Predicts 1/2 of Churches Will Disappear if Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gay Marriage

Being a Christian in this day and age is deemed as desirable as being a Jew in Nazi Germany, and for about the same reasons. Everywhere they go, they are persecuted by one group or another, be it the gays, atheists, Muslims or the government. Glenn Beck has made a terrible prediction regarding what would happen to churches should the Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage.


From Glenn Beck:

Glenn has a pretty clear stance on gay marriage: if it neither picks his pocket or breaks his leg, it doesn’t matter to him if gay marriage is legal or not. He simply doesn’t believe people of faith and churches should be forced to support it if they don’t believe it. In fact, government shouldn’t even be a part of it. But with gay marriage now before the Supreme Court, he predicts that a ruling in favor of gay marriage could drastically change churches across the country.
“Here’s my prediction: If gay marriage goes through the Supreme Court and gay marriage becomes fine and they can put teeth in it – so now they can go after the churches, like the president’s lawyer says – 50% of our churches will fall away. Meaning the congregations, within five years, 50% of the congregants will fall away from their church. Because they won’t be able to take the persecution,” Glenn said. “Because the stigma of going to church will be too much.”
“When it comes to religious principles, whether that religious principle tells you you should be for gay marriage or against gay marriage, whatever it is, you have to draw the line. Persecution is coming. If this goes through, persecution is coming,” he said.
Glenn and Stu pointed listeners to the story of the Oregon bakery that now has to pay hefty fines of $135,000 to a lesbian couple after the owners refused bake them a wedding cake.
“Within five years, 50% of the people that you sit next to in church will not be there. And not because they’re like you know, I think it’s fine. Because they’ll say I can’t do that. I will lose my job. I’ve got people are picketing at my house. I just can’t do that,” Glenn said.

You can watch the video below:

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Regardless of how you feel about Beck, it’s irrefutable that if the SCOTUS rules in favor of gay marriage, it will dramatically change things for the churches.

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