Cop charged with the murder of Freddie Gray told his family he begged the arresting officers to restrain the dead man and now lives in fear of revenge attacks on wife and children [Video]

These officers sound to me like genuinely good people who have a very difficult job. As of this morning, I now know a number of things about Freddie Gray, some of which I already knew… all of which are part of the puzzle. Freddie Gray had a long rap sheet that details drug use and dealing. It is now being reported he was loaded on heroin and pot when he was arrested. The cops chased him because he was dealing. He doesn’t look so innocent now does he? Gray was also a snitch for the cops. I said all along that I thought he was hyped on drugs and could of severely hurt himself in the back of the van and that is exactly what is coming to light. But that won’t stop State Attorney Mosby from throwing everything she can at the officers to see what will stick. She’s on an anti-cop witch hunt and damn the evidence. Human sacrifices in political activism.

From the Daily Mail:

The family of the police driver accused of the murder of Freddie Gray say he is haunted by images of the dying prisoner slumped in the back of his van.

Officer Caesar Goodson, 45 – who is black – voluntarily surrendered to police at noon today and faces up to 30 years in jail for the charge.

A source close to the Goodson family say the 16-year veteran has been plagued by flashbacks and nightmares over the death of Gray who died April 19 from injuries sustained in the back of the paddy wagon driven by Goodson.

They told Daily Mail Online he is distraught with himself for not personally checking the 25-year-old prisoner was strapped in adequately – but does not accept he is criminally responsible.

Prosecutors initially demanded bail be set at $750,000, and eventually it was reduced to $300,000. His family must raise $30,000 to free him. Goodson’s first court appearance has been set for 27 May.


On Friday, Mosby announced that evidence shows the six officers ‘illegally’ detained Gray on April 12 for the lawful possession of a knife, not a switchblade as cops previously reported.

Her report states Gray sustained his fatal neck injury by being shackled in the back of the police van without a seat belt – a move that she said violated police rules of conduct.

Lt Brian Rice, Officer Garrett Miller and Officer Edward Nero illegally arrested Gray at 8.40am before finding the lawful knife in Gray’s pocket, Mosby said.

Rice, 41, is charged with manslaughter, assault and other charges. According to Mosby, he was the first to interact with Gray, by approaching him then chasing him. He faces 10 years or more in jail.

Miller, 26, and Nero, 29, are charged with assault, which carries 10 years, and other charges.

Sgt Alicia White, 30, the only female officer in the group, and 25-year-old Officer William Porter are both facing 10 years or more, charged with manslaughter, assault and other charges.

All six are charged with misconduct in office.

Mosby said the officers for placing Gray in an unsafe position: lying, shackled, on his stomach on the floor of the van with his head facing the back of the van.

She said the officers failed to adequately check on him, despite stopping the van and opening the back door multiple times as the 25-year-old wailed in pain for medical help.

‘I heard your call for “no justice, no peace,”‘ Mosby said defiantly.

‘Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man.’

She made the decision to bring charges despite a plea from the Fraternal Order of Police local president Gene Ryan, who wrote to Mosby insisting none of the officers were culpable.

‘All death is tragic. And death associated with interaction with police is both shocking and frightening to the public,’ Ryan wrote.

‘As tragic as this situation is, none of the officers involved are responsible for the death of Mr Gray. To the contrary, at all times, each of the officers diligently balanced the obligations to protect Mr Gray and discharged their duties to protect the public.’

Brian Rice is the longest-serving of the group, having spent eight years with Baltimore Police Department. Goodson joined two years later in 1999. Alicia White has been with the force since 2010.

Porter, Miller and Nero all joined the force in 2012.

Five of the officers have been arrested and processed at the Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center. It is not known what bail they have been set. The sixth officer will follow suit within the next 24 hours.

Any officer that does not post bail will remain in custody over the weekend and appear before a judge on Monday.

These cops deserve better than this. They now fear for their families and their lives. The bail is ridiculous and I don’t know how they will raise it. Their families are saying they are going to sell everything they own to defend them. Meanwhile Mosby is grandstanding and strutting – but she won’t let an independent prosecutor be appointed or an independent autopsy be done. Maybe that is because she has personal ties to Freddie Gray’s family – she should have recused herself. These officers followed protocol and did not hit the prisoner at all. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is calling these officers political prisoners and he is right. It’s George Zimmerman and the Duke Lacrosse case all over again.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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