Hillary Clinton Receives Another Endorsement from the Sex Industry as Larry Flynt Backs Her Campaign

Hillary Clinton Receives Another Endorsement from the Sex Industry as Larry Flynt Backs Her Campaign

First it was the girls at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch (a legal brothel in Nevada) with their ‘Hookers for Hillary’ endorsement, now it’s Larry Flynt, publisher of HUSTLER, who has decided to back Clinton’s presidential campaign. Why has this pornography mogul decided to support Hillary? Because he thinks we need a more liberal Supreme Court, and believes Clinton will make his dream come true. Let that sink in for a second while you grab your barf bucket.


From The Daily Mail:

Hillary Clinton appears to have cornered the market on endorsements from the sex trade.

Two weeks after a group of Nevada prostitutes calling themselves ‘Hookers for Hillary’ came out in favor of her presidential candidacy, pornography publisher Larry Flynt is throwing his support behind her.

‘I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, but I don’t think she needs my endorsement,’ Flynt told Bloomberg during an interview in his Los Angeles office.

Flynt said he’s basing his thinking on the need for a more liberal U.S. Supreme Court – presumably one that won’t pare back Americans’ freedom to indulge in the skin trade.

‘They wind up making the rules that everybody else lives by, and we’ve had a right-leaning court for half a century, and it’s time that that was changed’ he said, sitting in a gold-plated wheelchair that has been his short-distance transportation since he was paralyzed in a 1978 shooting.

‘But if Hillary gets in, chances are she’s going to have an opportunity to appoint two, maybe three justices. We could shift the balance of that.’

Clinton’s campaign won’t be sending him a thank-you letter anytime soon, judging from its silence when the Nevada hookers posed in front of the infamous Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Carson City to cheer for her White House bid.

Flynt doesn’t much care. And he knows that the feminist wing of the Democratic Party will never make peace with him, especially with a female candidate as their standard-bearer.

‘People in Gloria Steinem’s world, they don’t – they think I’m the misogynist of the century,’ the publisher of the smut-mag ‘Hustler’ conceded.

‘I’m sure that Hillary doesn’t necessarily approve of everything I do. But if I’ve got a choice betwen anything I’ve seen in the Republican field, or Hillary, I’m gonna vote for her.’

He said, though, that he would approve of her campaign taking a more bare-knuckle approach to ‘Clinton Cash,’ the anti-Clinton book by Peter Schweizer that has made countless national headlines in advance of its May 5 release date.

‘All she needs to do is start fighting back,’ he said.

Flynt compared Schweizer’s one-man Clinton bashing campaign to the late Rev. Jerry Falwell’s crusade against Bill Clinton during his 1990s presidency.

‘One of the biggest evangelists in the world put out a video accusing President Clinton of murder,’ Flynt recalled.

The book, he said, ‘is the same kind of smear tactic.’

In my opinion, Flynt needs to stick with what he knows and keep his nose out of politics. It seems to be a field in which he is ill-prepared to make logical arguments. One event does not a good presidential candidate make, Larry.

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