Country Fans Shocked After Garth Brooks Drops BOMBSHELL

Country Fans Shocked After Garth Brooks Drops BOMBSHELL

Garth Brooks has always been a mega-star. After his girls were born, he left show biz to raise them with his first wife. Their marriage ended in 2000 and many accused him of cheating on her. I have no idea, but he seems like a good man. I don’t agree with all his political stances, but that doesn’t mean anything. He married Trisha Yearwood in 2005. She is also a huge star in her own right. The last of the three girls is now 17 and about to graduate high school. They are still madly in love and there are few more devoted fathers out there than Garth Brooks. Both Brooks and Yearwood may have had rocky relationships before they found each other, but there is no arguing that they are together forever now. That’s just the way life works sometimes and it doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you human.

Garth Brooks

From Qpolitical:

Marriage is a sacred institution and should be regarded as an unshakable bond. Unfortunately, and for various reasons, not every marriage holds their vows in such high regard.

Garth Brooks met his first wife in college and were soon married thereafter. As Brooks’ career began to take off – it exposed issues in his marriage that would ultimately prove to be its undoing.

Brooks was on the Ellen show recently and got very candid with her about this time in his life.

“Being married, it’s gotta be right. This is who you went to college with and you were married in front of God and your family and everybody. Still, at the end of the day, there comes that time where you’re looking at the rest of your life and going, ‘How do you want to live it?’”

He met Yearwood a year after he was married, and makes it very clear that he tried as hard as he could to make his marriage work. Although he divorced in 2000, he and Trisha didn’t get married until 2005.

Of his marriage with Yearwood, it sounds like he’s still on his honeymoon:

“I never knew it could be like this,” he says. “I never knew that every day you could feel like this.”

Even though his first marriage didn’t work out, you can definitely tell that Brooks doesn’t take the institution itself lightly, but holds it in extreme high regard. He also loves being a dad and spending time with his daughters making sure they get everything from him that they need.

What a great example of fatherhood.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are one of the most powerful and famous married couples in country music. They are two extraordinary legends that are living their lives together and in tandem, as Garth Brooks starts performing music again for the first time in years. They are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Currently, they are on tour and making albums together. Aside from Trisha being a huge country star, she also has her own cooking show. It’s fantastic that these two love each other the way they do and can work side by side doing what they both love. That’s just about as perfect as it gets. They do all this by not giving each other unsolicited advice and letting the other do their own thing in business and professionally. Sounds to me like a love for the ages and I’m happy for them.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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