Newborn is found swaddled in a manger of a New York church’s nativity scene

Newborn is found swaddled in a manger of a New York church’s nativity scene

Well, that was a timely event coming this close to Christmas. A custodian at the Holy Child Jesus Church went to lunch. When he left, there were no babies to be found. When he returned, he found a crying infant swaddled in towels in the manger with his umbilical cord still attached. Evidently, cameras caught the mother sneaking in with the baby and leaving without it. The baby is fine and healthy and is at a hospital being checked out. There are already couples from the church lining up to adopt him. He has been nicknamed ‘Baby Jesus.’


From the Daily Mail:

A newborn boy was discovered inside of a manger of a nativity scene at a New York church with his umbilical cord still attached, police said.

The abandoned baby, who police believe was left by his mother, was found wrapped in towels by a custodian inside Holy Child Jesus Church in Queens on Monday at about 1.30pm, Pix 11 reported.

The custodian told authorities that the manger was empty when he had left for lunch, however when he returned about an hour later, he heard an infant crying.

‘The baby was found in the creche, a sort of manger scene where we would put the baby Jesus during Christmastime,’ Reverend Christopher Heanue told the New York Post on Tuesday.

‘The baby was brand new,’ Heanue said. ‘He still had the umbilical cord attached. It’s a beautiful baby boy.’

The baby, weighing 5lb and 2oz was transported to Jamaica Hospital where he is listed in good condition, and authorities are searching for the child’s mother.

Surveillance video from the church reportedly shows a woman walking inside carrying a baby in her arms before leaving without the child.

Under the Safe Haven law, a church is considered a safe haven for leaving an infant within 72 hours of birth, however a responsible person must be present at the time of the drop off, Pix 11 reported.

Heanue told the Post that there are families within the parish who have already shown interest in wanting to adopt the baby.

On Facebook, he wrote asking for prayers for the newborn.

‘Let us pray for this child, for his parents and for whomever will receive him into their home,’ he wrote.

Under the Safe Haven law, the mother is allowed to leave the child with them within 30 days of birth, but she is supposed to be present at the time of handing the child over to the church. This is why the authorities are looking for the woman. I’m not sure they’ll find her. The important thing is that the baby is okay and will get a loving home. What a way to start your life – swaddled in the manger just like Jesus was. My prayers are certainly with the new baby and for whomever his parents will be. I pray for the mother because in time she will regret what she has done. Things have a way of working out for the best though. It’s a sad thing when someone gives up their baby. She must be having a very hard time of it. “God works in mysterious ways,” Father Heanue said, as the nativity scene was not even meant to be set up for another few weeks, “this was an act of God’s divine providence.” It certainly looks that way Father.




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