CRUEL: Floridians Outraged After Woman Duct Tapes Dog’s Mouth Shut [PHOTOS]

CRUEL: Floridians Outraged After Woman Duct Tapes Dog’s Mouth Shut [PHOTOS]

What kind of monster does something like this? To an innocent dog who loves her no less. This woman in Florida duct taped her dog’s mouth shut because it would not stop barking. Then she posted it on Facebook. It went viral and people were furious over it. The woman didn’t apologize for it… she doubled down and said, ‘This is what happens when you dont (sic) shut up!!!’ This is not how you train a dog not to bark. It is cruel and this woman should not be allowed to have pets. The city of South Daytona said an animal cruelty investigation is underway. Officials said they had information that the dog is OK and the person who posted the photos was out of state for Thanksgiving. Investigators said they would question her when she returns. This woman’s got a lot of explaining to do.


From the Daily Mail:

A woman is drawing the wrath of Facebook for duct taping her dog’s mouth shut and proudly displaying the photo.

Katie Brown of South Daytona, Florida, posted a photo of her chocolate Labrador with silver duct tape taped all around her muzzle on Friday, with the caption ‘This is what happens when you dont (sic) shut up!!!’

The photo has since been shared over 45,000 times in 14 hours, and despite plenty of criticism, she refuses to take the photo down, and in fact, defended her actions in the thread.

When one friend begged her to reassure people that she did not actually tape the pup’s mouth, she wrote, ‘I cant lie I did it for sixty seconds. It was time out and no more barking.’

Other Facebook users threatened to report her to the police.

Despite the criticism, Brown defiantly kept the photo up.

She then followed up with another post, saying, ‘Dont panic everyone it was only for a minute but hasn’t barked since… POINT MADE!!!’

South Daytona Police Department Telecommunications Supervisor Mimi Perez told the Daily Mail that it has received an onslaught of calls about Brown’s dog ‘from 44 states, three provinces, and as far away as Australia.’

Police are currently looking for Brown for questioning but have been unable to find her at the addresses they have listed for her.

In October, Kimberly Ann Howell of Salisbury, North Carolina, was charged with animal abuse after posting a photo of her duct-taped dog on Facebook and captioned it ‘hah hah.’

Police allowed the dog to stay with Howell because there were no signs of injury, and she claimed she only kept the tape on long enough to take a photo, according to USA Today.

Animal lovers were horrified in June when Chocolate Staffie Mix Caitlyn, who bears a striking resemblance to Brown’s dog, was found in North Charleston, South Carolina with her mouth taped shut so tightly that she needed surgery to remove the tape.

William Leonard Dodson, 41, was charged with ill treatment of animals, he was forced to surrender a second dog he owned.

Caitlyn has since recovered from her ordeal.

How would she like to have her mouth taped shut? I just can’t imagine doing that to a dog. Poor thing. I don’t care if it was only for a minute. It had to hurt. Thousands are flooding the authorities with complaints about the treatment of the Chocolate Labrador. 44 states have called in and so have people from as far away as Australia. The authorities have asked people not to call, but I doubt that will stop them. This just ticks people off and that is why it went viral. Many people consider their dogs and cats to be members of their family and would never dream of treating them this way. It just breaks your heart to see the look in the pup’s eyes. This woman should be ashamed of herself.




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