Video: Ted Cruz SLAMS Marco Rubio on Amnesty in New Ad

Video: Ted Cruz SLAMS Marco Rubio on Amnesty in New Ad

The new Ted Cruz ad drops a megaton bomb on Marco Rubio and his ridiculously low chance of walking into the White House with a job other than scrubbing toilets with his leftover leaflets.

anti rubio ad

In the campaign ad titled “Trust Ted” released Saturday, the Oklahoma lawmaker slams Rubio for a “despicable” charge that called Cruz “weak on security.”

Touting his experience as a combat pilot for the Navy, Bridenstine defends Cruz’s “stand against President [Barack] Obama’s appeasement of those who threaten our security, from Iran, to [the Islamic State], to Russia.”

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I don’t think Marco Rubio stands much of a chance to win the White House and this ad pushes Rubio’s chances further into the dirt. Rubio may as well become an ice fisherman after this. Watch the ad below.

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