Disrespectful “Black Lives Matter” activists DISRUPT MEMORIAL DAY remembrance!!! [Video]

What did you expect from a bunch of Marxist, racist, morons? They have no concept of duty or honor… no idea what it is to truly sacrifice for your country. All they can see is that being black should rule the day and they are entitled to wealth redistribution and freebies galore. They want theirs and screw everyone else. They know the police protect them and that most of these protests are merely political fodder to nationalize our police forces. This is beyond disrespectful – it’s the ‘Criminals Unite!’ movement.

From The Right Scoop:

This is just deplorable:

This kind of crap does more harm than good to a cause. Which is great by me because the “Black Lives Matter” is mostly fueled by lies and exaggerations.

Those that aren’t in it as Progressive/Marxists looking for the ultimate change here in the US, or are stone cold racists, are useful idiots who have no idea what they are standing for. Since the Baltimore police have come under fire, crime is up there by over 70%. They had the most murderous weekend there in over 10 years this last weekend. The cops can’t do their jobs now and that is the point. And here comes Al Sharpton, uber racist thug, espousing how we need to nationalize the police under DHS or the DOJ. A willing imp to a monstrous agenda that puts forth sheer communism in all its bloody glory here in the US. Witness the convergence of anarchists, communists, terrorists, radicals, Progressives and all those that want to undermine and destroy our freedoms – now all in the name of “Black Lives Matter.”

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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