Father Reveals He Reluctantly Accepted His Daughter Was Marrying Charles Manson

So, you are a father of a beautiful young woman and she tells you the happy news that she is getting married… then you find out her beau is the infamous murderer Charles Manson. What do you do? Well one father reveals he eventually came to accept it all.

What a crazy girl, eh? At least Manson will never leave prison, so this father will never have to host this creep in his home.

Phil Burton remembers his daughter being very matter of fact over the phone that day. ‘Daddy I’m getting married to Charlie,’ she said.

He wasn’t surprised. He had long ‘seen the writing on the wall.’ And he knew there would be no need to place an announcement in the local paper.

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Because his daughter’s fiancé is one of the most infamous convicted killers of all time and the story was about to break.

Image that, fathers!

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