Obama ‘exercising his executive power’ cuts hours-long BBQ line; ticks off Texans

Obama ‘exercising his executive power’ cuts hours-long BBQ line; ticks off Texans

Austin is one of the most liberal areas in Texas yet: political affiliation aside, some patrons at a popular Texas BBQ: were not happy when President Obama cut in front of average patrons who were waiting in an hours-long line for their grub. According to Mediaite,

After his speech in Austin, TX yesterday, President Barack Obama decided to hop on over to Franklin BBQ, a barbecue pit: widely regarded by many: as the best in Texas (and perhaps America). But the thing with Franklin BBQ is that their wait is: long: – as in, sometimes it takes five hours to get into the restaurant – and Obama got to skip it, because he’s the president and he can do that.: 



Our do as I say, not as I do: president even managed to: shock the: owner who: noted: that Obama was probably the first person ever to cut the line at Franklin BBQ. While: he: is clearly not interested in photo ops, Obama: reportedly said that he felt bad for jumping the line but…

“I know this is a long line. I feel real bad, but — I’m gonna cut,”: 

Pool reports said: that Obama told patrons he was “exercising his executive power,”


One could only imagine what: would have happened if the owner kindly showed the president the back of the line, treating him: no better or worse than anyone else.

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