Ha, Ha! #BlackLivesMatter Leader Has Laptops, iPads Stolen By Ferguson Protesters

Ha, Ha! #BlackLivesMatter Leader Has Laptops, iPads Stolen By Ferguson Protesters

Oh, boo hoo! Antonio French is a notorious race baiter and Marxist tool. French has been a leading voice in the Ferguson riots and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Unfortunately for him, it would seem his comrades-in-arms decided he really didn’t need his laptops and iPads. So they relieved him of that burden. When you wallow in the mud with swine, you get dirty and start to smell. French is getting what he has richly earned. Absolutely no sympathy here for him. You are who you hang with, bud. And you hang with racists, radicals, Marxists, communists, thugs, criminals and Islamists. What did you think would happen? That they’d respect your property rights. Ha!

Antonio French2

From Fire Andrea Mitchell:

Antonio French one of the main racial pot stirrers in Ferguson is now whining on Twiter about #blacklivesmatter thugs that stole his laptops and iPads. Antonio French is a St. Louis Alderman of the 21st ward. and a race hustler in the mold of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Now he’s as whiny as them too after the thugs stole his laptops ad iPads. Oh well. It’s called karma Antonio.

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Antonio French

Antonio French1

Antonio French is a frequently guest on MSNBC and BFFs with another now famous racial agitator Deray McKesson. It’s ok. Just blame whitey or the cops for stealing your laptops and iPads. You know what’s who really did.

It is so unsurprising that French would work for MSNBC, or for that matter, that he is a politician. They’ll hire any radical racist they can find whether he can report or not. The fact that French is a close associate of Deray McKesson is also not surprising. After all, they have soooo much in common. And you can bet French will blame this on the police somehow, or white people, or conservatives, or whatever. It’s never the fault of you know, the actual criminals you pal around with, and I’m not just referring to the MSNBC hacks either. Evidently, poor French did not have insurance. That’s okay, just ask one of the officers that you have slandered and called names. I’m sure he’ll help you right away. I wouldn’t.

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