Heroic Dog Takes Matters Into His Own Paws When His Owner Is Underwater a Bit Too Long [Video]

That’s one well-trained, loving, loyal dog. Over the years, I’ve heard many, many stories of dogs saving drowning people. Even when they aren’t trained to do so. This pup is an excellent lifeguard and you can tell he’s smart as a whip. He didn’t think of himself at all, he just sensed that his owner was under too long and went for it. That is one muddy, dirty swimming hole though. His owner should find a better place to swim.

From IJReview:

Dogs surprise us everyday with their incredible love and intelligence.

This dog isn’t an exception. When its owner is swimming in the lake and looks to be in despair, the dog – without thinking twice – jumps in the water to save him.

This family is very lucky — they have a heroic dog who will jump at the chance to protect their safety.

Dogs have a heart of gold and never lack for bravery. They love you in a way that is unique and all-consuming. Notice how the pup not only pushed the guy up, but gently took his arm and hand in his jaws and dragged/led him to the shore? That dog would have sacrificed his own life getting that boy out of the water. How many humans would do that? Dogs are a gift from heaven and every one of them has a warrior soul and invisible wings. That family is blessed to have that puppy and he loves them with everything he has.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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