ISIS Praises Saudi Arabia Media for Blurring Out Michelle Obama’s Uncovered Face [Video]

It is a rare thing that I say anything complimentary about Michelle Obama, but today, I’ll make an exception. That was absolutely the right thing to do. They blurred out her face for defying Islam and not wearing the Niqab on her head. Then the new Warrior King would not deign to even recognize her. I’m sure that just broke her heart. What I don’t get is why they even went there to grovel before the King of Saudi Arabia in the first place. Perhaps because of Obama’s Muslim leanings, which obviously, his wife does not share. At least she kept her head. Although, after praising the Saudi King for blurring her out, ISIS did say they were going to behead Obama in his White House and take over the US. Yawn.

From Gateway Pundit:

Barack and Michelle Obama stopped by Saudi Arabia today after his visit to India.

During the stop Michelle Obama refused to cover up for the visit to the Kingdom.

(Good for her!)

In response to her decision, Saudi media blurred out Michelles face for not wearing a niqab.

Today ISIS sympathizers praised Saudi Arabia for blurring out Michelle Obama’s face in the news.

We should be extricating ourselves completely from Saudi Arabia. Their oil is no longer our lifeblood and what they are really good at is producing, training and unleashing terrorists. I am so over any country in the Middle East, except for Israel. They are our enemies – stop treating them like royalty. In a country that considers women less than human and pretty much as concubines and slaves, I’m thrilled that Mooch had the spine to go uncovered, basically telling the Saudis to stuff their Shariah law and Islamic barbarity. She has as much right to be there as her husband and neither should be.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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