Husband Catches Thug Harassing His Wife – Watch What He Does Next [Video]

Husband Catches Thug Harassing His Wife – Watch What He Does Next [Video]

Language warning… I have no idea if this video is real or staged. Let’s just say for posterity it’s real. Evidently, a big hulking brute made a pass at this man’s blonde, attractive wife. He took offense to that and told the guy so. Loudly. The wife tried to get both of them to back off to no avail. Hubby was having none of it. He started walking around yelling that the guy could have gone after this guy’s wife, or his, or his, but instead went after his. The black guy gets in his face and says: “Your wife!” That indicated it was indeed the man’s wife he was addressing. Then he got in hubby’s face, yelling and poking his finger at him and that was the last straw. The husband took a bottle and clocked the guy alongside the head with it. He went down for the count.


From YouTube:

This big man at some outdoor dining place learned this the hard way when he allegedly dropped offending words to or about an attractive blonde, who happened to be with her husband. The offended husband confronted the man, who appeared to be quite proud of what he did.

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The wife tried to intervene and stop her husband from taking it further, saying the whole things not worth it. The husband was having none of it and when the defiant man refused to back down and instead emphasized that he was indeed talking about the wife, the husband grabbed a bottle and showed the bully what happens to men who talk sh*t about another man’s wife.

Don’t ever speak ill about another man’s wife, not even if you look bigger and stronger than him. You never know what you gonna get.

After the husband takes out the smitten suitor, he starts screaming to everyone there, including families and children, no one is f*cking my wife! Check, I think we all got that loud and clear. You know, it’s not okay to make a pass at a woman you know is married. I don’t know if the man knew that at the time or not. But it’s also not okay to fight in a public place like that in the midst of families and others. It’s definitely not okay to take a bottle to a guy’s head out of anger and then scream and rant to the masses that no one is going to know your wife in a biblical sense. He acted like she was his property. Cue the police and arrests all around.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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