It’s Come To This: Teacher Makes Parents Sign A Permission Slip Before Their Kids Can Eat Oreos At School

You have got to be kidding me. Has it really come to this? My kids are grown and my grandchildren are in a fantastic private school… but if I had to do it again, there is no way my kids would be in public school. I homeschooled my children during the 90s and don’t regret it in the least. If I had to live in poverty, I would not put my children in the cesspool that is the public education system. No way. Oreos? I would wager Mooch’s lunches are far more toxic than an Oreo. Just sayin’.

From Weasel Zippers:

Here’s the permission slip. Mooch rejoices…

Via Reason:

There are 18-wheelers with brake problems, hungry bears just stumbling out of hibernation, and lawnmowers that suddenly shift into reverse. And then there’s the unparalleled danger of Double Stuf Oreos. Thank goodness this teacher requires parents to sign off on cookie consumption—if they dare.

A screenshot of the permission slip comes from Twitter mom Main Line Housewife in Pennsylvania.

Thank goodness there are fascist teachers like this protecting our little ones from evil Oreos! These people are insane. They’ve gone off the deep, deep end of political correctness. Pennsylvania, what is wrong with you? I think using Oreos as a way to observe the earth’s features is an excellent idea. But treating said Oreos as if they were crack is just stupid. Come on! These are kids! Teach the lesson, then break out LOTS of Oreos and milk and have at it. Parents and children will cheer you alike. So sick of this food Nazism.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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