VIDEO: When This Little Girl Read A List Of Why She Is Thankful For Our Police, There Wasn’t A Dry Eye In The Room

There has been a lost of disrespect directed towards police in the media and on social media lately.  This 10-year-old from Austin reminds us all just how important the job is


It all starts with A little girl in Austin, Texas that was so impressed and inspired by her local police officers that she decided to express her gratitude in the cutest way possible.

Just 10-years-old, and already treating such a tragedy of NYPD officers with such dignity and respect. She knew that she wanted to support police officers, and when she put her mind to it, found a way to do so.

Wow. If only everyone in the world would respect the people that administer freedom in the way that Savannah does.

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Amen.  Grab some tissues.  Watch the video.

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