Japanese golden eagle can’t get enough of having his belly rubbed and scratched [Video]

Japanese golden eagle can’t get enough of having his belly rubbed and scratched [Video]

Golden Eagles are a beautiful and deadly bird of prey. I’ve seen many of them in the western United States. I’ve also known people who breed and train hawks and eagles. It’s not for the feint of heart. This five month-old Japanese Golden Eagle seems to adore his owner. For those doubting the bird loves to have its tummy rubbed and scratched… did you see those talons? Even tethered, it that bird did not like that, his owner would have been sliced to pieces. She really has a bond with that eagle – it’s impressive. They are endangered in Japan, which is a shame. Such a majestic bird is a sight to see and admire.

Golden Eagle
A Japanese Golden Eagle was getting his belly rubbed by his owner and he couldn’t get enough of it.

From the Daily Mail:

The owner of a Japanese golden eagle filmed a heartwarming moment when the endangered bird of prey was getting his belly rubbed and couldn’t get enough of it.

The five-month-old eagle voiced his approval for the stomach scratch with a series of squeak and peeps.

The video was shared by LespieAgle, a non-profit organization that is working to prevent golden eagles from going extinct in Japan.

After some YouTube users questioned if the eagle was enjoying the experience, the owner was compelled to respond.

The owner wrote: ‘If you think he is a poor boy and aren’t an eagle falconer or don’t spend lots of time with your eagle.

‘You should come to meet him you will absolutely change your mind about it as he really loves it that makes him go to sleep sometimes like a parrot.

‘Golden eagles can be something like him quite soon if they trust you.’

There are only about 500 Japanese golden eagles living in the wild the Society for Research of Golden Eagle Japan found in a recent study, according to the Japan Times.

Breeding pairs of the eagles stake out territory in the mountains and stay there for life.

The head of the Society for Research of Golden Eagle, Toshiki Ozawa, said: ‘The biggest issue is the reduced breeding success rate due to a lack of prey.’

In North America, golden eagles are the largest bird of prey, National Geographic reported.

They can dive at speeds of more than 150 miles per hour and feast on animals like rabbits, marmots, squirrels, reptiles, birds and fish.

Some have even attacked full-grown deer.

The trust between this eagle’s handler and the bird itself is a wonder to behold. I have never seen a bird of prey have their belly rubbed and scratched. She also massaged his talons. I never would have imagined a bird sitting still for that, but this one does and loves it. Rubbing his belly even puts him to sleep. His chirps are the bird equivalent of a cat’s purr. Just amazing. I’m not a bird expert – but this is definitely an eagle and certainly is enjoying being pampered by his handler.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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