Woman demands refund after finding bears on small daughter’s cake had ‘female genitals’

Woman demands refund after finding bears on small daughter’s cake had ‘female genitals’

Overreaction much? There’s absolutely nothing sexual about those little bears. The mother’s mind is in the gutter and it’s ridiculous. The baker even put flowers in front of the bear’s supposed private places to make the mother more at ease. But that wasn’t good enough. She claims people still commented – it they did, they need professional help. Seriously. Talk about literally getting your panties in a wad over nothing. This takes the cake – pun intended.

Little Girl Bears

From the NY Daily News:

It was meant to be a happy, innocent occasion.

But Sharon Green is demanding her money back after her daughter’s christening cake was decorated with teddy bears that had “female genitals,” reports the Mirror.

Sharon Green says she was horrified when she first saw the cake that had been ordered for three-year-old daughter Tahlia Rose’s christening.

The cake had two bears on top of it, both of which had a “crease” which looked like genitals, claimed Green, from Lancashire, England.

She has asked for her money back, around $100.

“I was shocked — I just presumed it would be okay, and the same as what I ordered,” said Green.

“It’s completely inappropriate. The cake is supposed to be for a three-year-old girl. It’s not just me who thought this, it was a talking point at the christening, everyone was commenting on it.”

But the cakemakers, Occasion Cakes, have refused to pay up and said the mother had made a “bizarre and distasteful” connection.

They said the controversial crease represented a bear’s stitching and for anyone to think otherwise was “incomprehensible.”

Occasion Cakes said no one had ever complained before, even though they have been making cakes for 30 years.

They also said they covered up the offending area with flowers after Green first complained.

The three year-old would never have even noticed. I bet she would have eaten the cake and played with the bears, much to her mother’s horror. This is political correctness run amok. I feel sorry for that woman’s little girl. She’ll never have a normal life with a mother who is sexually fixated on every little detail. It would be one thing if the decorations had porn as their underlying theme… but bears with stitching? Stitching she felt looked like female genitalia? As a commenter rightly pointed out: beautiful cake, stupid parents, damaged child… In that order. This woman needs to get a life.

Little Girl Bears

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