Judge Apologizes for Setting Criminal Free – ‘Broke Her Heart’ When He Killed NYPD Cop [Video]

Judge Apologizes for Setting Criminal Free – ‘Broke Her Heart’ When He Killed NYPD Cop [Video]

One judge has apologized profusely for letting a serial criminal go who then went out and murdered an NYPD police officer by shooting him in the head. The other judge responsible for letting this thug go, defended what he did, claiming he wasn’t issued a crystal ball with his robe. He knew damn well what would happen if he let a hardened criminal go. He just doesn’t care. As for Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Patricia Nuñez, who said she had made a horrific mistake and that her heart was broken over the death of the officer, admitting that took a lot of courage and character. However, it doesn’t bring the officer back and it will be small comfort to his family. Sometimes, sorry just isn’t enough. But at least she has a heart and a conscience… the other judge, not so much.

Cop Killer

From the Daily Mail:

The judge who freed the serial criminal offender who allegedly killed beloved New York police officer Randolph Holder has apologized profusely for her mistake and said the cop’s death ‘broke her heart.’

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Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Patricia Nuñez has expressed deep remorse over her decision to turn loose suspected cop killer Tyrone Howard, 30, earlier this year.

She told The New York Post on Friday that after Howard allegedly shot and killed 33-year-old Holder in the forehead in East Harlem this week, the news ‘broke her heart.’ She added: ‘I am truly sorry.’

Nunez had presided over a 2014 drug case involving Howard. In May, she chose to send him to rehab instead of jail despite his lengthy criminal history including similar felonies.

He is due to be sentenced in this case on November 12 when Nunez said she will ‘set the record straight.’

When reporters from the paper caught up with Nunez outside a parking garage in the Bronx, she said: ‘There is nothing ‘that breaks my heart more than a police officer dying.’

Meanwhile, Justice Edward McLaughlin, the judge who, along with Nunez suggested rehab instead of prison for Howard, also defended their decision to free the accused cop-killer.

After Holder’s death, McLaughlin told reporters: ‘I don’t get a crystal ball when I get a robe.’

Nunez was on her way to lower Manhattan on Friday, where a grand jury was about to begin hearing testimony against Howard for first-degree murder when she made the remarks.

Howard, 30, was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree robbery following the slaying of Holder on Tuesday night.

According to police, minutes before Holder’s death, Howard was involved in a gun battle with rival gang members on the roof of the building at 420 East 102nd Street.

Howard fled the scene and robbed a passing bystander of his bicycle at gunpoint. Officer Holder and his partner, both in plain clothes, were on foot patrol nearby and were called to the scene.

Howard put down the bike as the officers approached him and opened fire. One of the shots hit Holder in the head.
Holder’s partner, Officer Omar Wallace, fired back at Howard, hitting him in the leg.

Howard was later apprehended, arrested and hospitalized after he allegedly shot the NYPD officer about 9 p.m. on Tuesday night. Holder was pronounced dead in hospital some time later.

On Wednesday, dozens of Holder’s family and friends – many of them police officers and colleagues – piled into Manhattan Criminal Court to see Howard’s charges be handed down.

Howard – a career criminal – had also been wanted in relation to the drug-related shooting of a man in the Lower East Side on September 1 – but managed to evade authorities 10 times since.

He was arraigned on Wednesday night over the death of the cop, with the victim’s parents seated behind him in court.

Howard is now awaiting indictment nearby in the Manhattan Detention Complex and will be in court on Tuesday to hear the grand jury’s decision, The New York Post reports.

NYPD scuba divers are today carrying out a widespread search of the East River in a bid to locate the murder weapon – a .40-caliber handgun that cops said Howard may have thrown in the water.

Earlier on Wednesday, officials explained parts of Howard’s extensive criminal history.

‘You’re talking about an individual that was arrested 28 times since the age of 13. You’re talking about 23 adult arrests, you’re talking about 5 minor arrests,’ NYPD’s Chief of Manhattan Detectives William Aubry told reporters, Gothamist reported.

Meanwhile, Holder’s father, Randolph sr., said that his son ‘had always wanted to be a cop, just like his dad.’
He paid tribute to a ‘fun-loving, caring young man, always with a smile on his face.’

Howard, who has been arrested 28 times, had just had a shoot out with another gang. He then stole a bike at gun point and the two officers in plain clothes pursued him. He dumped the bike, drew the gun and shot Officer Holder in the head. The other officer shot Howard in the leg. Howard was wanted for another shooting on September 1st, but had eluded the police 10 times. Some people should never see the light of day again. This guy is one of them. He certainly should never have been released to rehab. The consequences of that judgement were tragically predictable. Many of Howard’s family, friends and fellow officers showed up for the arraignment. If Howard got what he deserved, he’d be executed. Instead, he’ll build a thug life in jail. There is no justice here.

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