Benghazi hero’s sister reveals Hillary Clinton’s SICK comments

Benghazi hero’s sister reveals Hillary Clinton’s SICK comments

Anderson Cooper met with Kate Quigley, sister of Benghazi victim Glen Doherty, and Kate tells him about the sick things that Hillary Clinton said about Benghazi.

benghazi clintonHillary Clinton clearly does not buy into the concept central to our republic that our government is to be of the people, by the people — and FOR the people. For Hillary, it’s all about HER.

Hillary Clinton deflects the tragic events at Benghazi and simultaneously places a guilt trip on a family member of the American victims. I would respect her more for being open and honest, rather than a continuous carousel of redirection.

It’s OK to be wrong, however that’s incorrect when you’re a politician. Politicians are too snobby to ever be accountable for a mistake and instead rather run the world acting impenetrable.

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It’s more honorable to learn from mistakes and improve upon them.

Is this who you want to vote for, America?

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