Liberals Pushing To Change “Father’s Day” to “Special Person’s Day” Because… Sexist [VIDEO]

Liberals Pushing To Change “Father’s Day” to “Special Person’s Day” Because… Sexist [VIDEO]

Of course, the political party that idolizes single mothers would hate dad. To the left, dad is always a deadbeat. He’s never there and shouldn’t be in charge of the kids anyway. Mom is a superhero and can do it all on her own! Well, moms have it a lot easier when their children’s father is in the picture. A married mom and dad gives the best outcome for kids.

What better way to attack the institution of marriage and family by dumping Father’s Day? They already hate God the Father. They already hate the fathers of the Confederation. Papa John’s pulled their advertisements from websites that made fun of Sarah’s youngest, Trig Palin, so those lefties already hate them.

So, why take dad away from Father’s Day? Surprisingly, it’s not an American coastal elite this time, but one of Australia’s academics named Red Ruby Scarlet. Her real name is Miriam Giugni, so I’ll take a wild guess and say she changed it because this is all just a long outburst due to her own daddy issues. According to her biography, she has worked in early childhood education for over 25 years and is devoted to “inclusive practices.” In my head, childhood inclusiveness means keeping them away from outlets and cabinetry, but I’m sure she has a much fancier definition.

Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet is currently the Creative Director of MultiVerse, which sounds like a science fiction convention, but seems to be a professional development organization. She is editing a textbook entitled The Anti-Bias in Early Childhood Approach and leads a “Social Justice in Early Childhood” group. Nowhere on her biography or information can I find any indication that she herself has kids, or is heavily involved with any nieces and nephews. I’m shocked. A childless, name-changing, social justice warrior is out there telling people how to raise their kids, which includes denigrating the role of dad.

She recently told an Aussie program that getting rid of Father’s Day and changing it to “Special Person’s Day” isn’t about political correctness, but rather it’s about “rights.” As well, she went on to claim that “shifting the language around emotive days” can make school more inclusive to children from “special communities.” She’s not trying to get rid of dad exactly, but she just wants to normalize same-sex parents and single moms.

I notice that whenever these warriors are out there protecting single moms, they never mean widowed mothers who remained married to their husband until he died young. No, they mean the moms who can’t get along with their children’s father.

If you want to watch almost an hour of pure crazy, you can see Dr. Scarlet here. It’s worth jumping around to a few points just to listen to how her mind works.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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