BREAKING NEWS: Federal Judge Blocks Texas’ Ban On 2nd Trimester Dismemberment Abortions [VIDEO]

BREAKING NEWS: Federal Judge Blocks Texas’ Ban On 2nd Trimester Dismemberment Abortions [VIDEO]

“Fewer babies will be murdered” gives conservatives a sense of relief and sends liberals into a panic. The most radical pro-abortion lefties want women to have the option to abort (that is, murder) their child up until the moment it emerges naturally from the birth canal. It’s for women’s health and is a woman’s right.

You always hear the horror story. What if a 13 year-old girl is pregnant through incestuous gang-rape? Would YOU make her keep the child? Of course this is almost never the case. Adults are neglecting to use proper birth control and then just have an abortion when they decide they don’t want a child right now. Somehow, the people who think children should be born in a stable marriage are the evil ones, not the liberals who think children should be aborted simply because their mother or parents don’t really feel like having a child right now.

Americans responding to a recent Marist poll commissioned by the Catholic Knights of Columbus, shows that a majority of Americans want to stop the taxpayer funding that supports abortion and that 85% believe that abortions after twenty weeks (five months) should be banned unless the mother’s life is in danger. As well, an 83% majority agreed that the states should stop funding foreign abortions… a policy which Trump implemented just this June.

And now, out of Texas: Gov. Abbott has signed a bill that would prevent babies from being ripped apart in the second and third trimesters. Specifically, the bill prohibits an extraction procedure that takes the child apart “one piece at a time from the uterus through the use of clamps, grasping forceps, tongs, scissors, or a similar instrument that, through the convergence of two rigid levers, slices, crushes, or grasps, or performs any combinations of those actions on, a piece of the unborn child’s body…”

So, banning this practice is good, right?

But now, a federal judge named Lee Yeakel, has just issued a temporary injunction that blocks the bill. The description of the process is graphic enough, but apparently the “let’s not dismember babies” majority is losing against the “having an abortion is birth control, also children are awful” minority.

In 2015, undercover footage of Planned Parenthood showed one of their Vice Presidents negotiating prices for baby parts and that sometimes children are “intact” post-abortion. That is, they were not cut up, but delivered as whole babies. You can guess what kind of chance of survival a child would have if they were born during an abortion procedure at a “clinic” that already has a sale sticker on their organs.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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