After Linda Sarsour Is BUSTED Exploiting Harvey Donations – She Smears Her Critics As “White Supremacists”

After Linda Sarsour Is BUSTED Exploiting Harvey Donations – She Smears Her Critics As “White Supremacists”

What do you do when you’re caught trying to redirect relief money to your favorite local political group? If you’re Linda Sarsour, you come out and apologize and… hahaha, no. You call everyone who points it out a white supremacist. A few weeks ago, you’d call them a Nazi and a few weeks before that, you’d call them Russian spies. In a few weeks, they’ll have a different insult, but for now it’s WHITE SUPREMACIST.

This week, we already wrote about Linda Sarsour’s scummy redirection of Hurricane Harvey relief donations to a left-wing political action committee. Linda tweeted a link to the PAC, The Texas Organizing Project Education Fund, whose website states, “Your donation is vital to ensuring that we have the resources we need to organize and fight for Texans devastated by Hurricane Harvey!” The site does not tell you what they plan on doing with the money donated to them and doesn’t give you the percentage of total donations that end up going directly to aid the people who were displaced or were made victims by the storm.

If you look at the fine print, the website makes it clear that they fund “workplace organizing efforts, rather than direct aid for Harvey victims.”

And she was quickly called out for it on Twitter by a Fox News contributor.

Sarsour tweeted in response to an article that was accurately labelled, “Muslim activist Linda Sarsour caught soliciting funds to her PAC by disguising it as hurricane relief,” by saying that the PAC, Texas Organizing Project, is not her PAC, but “who cares about facts when you are white supremacists obsessed with smearing women of color.”

What a simple way to avoid addressing the fact that she labeled PAC donations as hurricane relief donations. Just call everyone a racist! Except that doesn’t really work anymore. Everyone even moderately right-wing has been called a racist in the last few months. We’re all just tuning it out. “You’re a racist” just means “I don’t have an argument for the disagreement you have with me, so I will call you names until you’re red in the face and begging for my forgiveness!”

Oh, and Linda isn’t just calling everyone racist. She’s actively supporting the Women’s March efforts to encourage people to donate money to organizations that specifically exclude helping white people who are impacted by the storm.

People are dying, but it’s more important to turn this hurricane into a racial, political event.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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