Women’s March Leaders Promote Fund Supporting ‘Colored’ Survivors Only – Black Harvey Survivor Schools Them [VIDEO]

Women’s March Leaders Promote Fund Supporting ‘Colored’ Survivors Only – Black Harvey Survivor Schools Them [VIDEO]

The Women’s March first made headlines in January of this year when they organized a March on Washington to protest… Trump? Or to ask for free abortions? As reported here in Right Wing News last winter, here’s what went down with the unsuccessful march on The White House that was organized by women.

Now the Women’s March is lazier. Instead of putting on their shoes and going outside (God forbid they put on their shoes and walk to a donation collection to donate medical supplies or other necessities to the Hurricane Harvey victims), they’re tweeting. On August 29th they posted a notice on their Twitter profile asking other people to donate money to relief efforts… but specifically to relief efforts that will refuse to help people of a certain race.

Major disaster? Thirty-eight people dead? Why, the most important thing here is to make sure as little of the donation money ends up in the hands of straight white men. These organizations help black, “Latinx” (the newfangled word for Latino) “and other communities.” I’m guessing that means that east Asian and Caucasian residents are on their own.

The website that organizes the donations towards certain racial groups is so left-wing that they were even criticizing President Obama for choosing to advise his Twitter followers to donate to The Red Cross, a group which the organization Color Lines says that after Haiti relief money was not properly spent to help black Haitians, shouldn’t be trusted now.

The responses to the original Women’s March tweet have been priceless, hilarious and insane (depending on who’s responding).

One person tweets:


One user responds to them saying, “This is a joke, right? Hahaha! So, boycott your Daddy & your brothers & your Uncles & Grandpas? Ok. Whatever.”


On Fox News, host Matt Finn interviews Sarah Reynolds about her experience with Hurricane Harvey. In the video below, you can watch the short interview. Reynolds said that her community came together, “no race, not color, no prejudices… just willing to help.” I don’t think that the Women’s March has a good handle on the situation down there. Right now, racial issues aren’t at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Right now, they’re trying to keep everyone safe, fed and dry. The Women’s March would probably prefer to see blacks or Latinos (I refuse to say Latinx and I think my editors here at Right Wing News will back me up on that one) suffer just so they can point to them and say, “Look! Minorities are suffering and it’s the white man’s fault. Now give us money! And donate to these charities you’ve never heard of to give money to minorities! But only the minorities we approve of!”

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