Loudmouth Welfare Queen Refuses to Take Orders from Cop… Then THIS Happens

Loudmouth Welfare Queen Refuses to Take Orders from Cop… Then THIS Happens

This loudmouth welfare queen got a lesson in wrestling she will never forget and the officer who had to deal with this blonde ditz should get hazard pay for working the DMV. Some female nutcase in Florida decided to pick a fight with an employee and be obstinate. A police officer comes over to her and calmly asks her to knock it off. He tells her to listen to him and she yells at him to listen to her. She wouldn’t obey orders given by the cop. She then responded by kicking and punching him. It doesn’t take a genius to see how this would play out. Wrestling ensues. This cop is over 6 ft. tall and a big guy. He could have easily subdued this chick and/or snapped her like a twig. The reason she kept slithering away like a greased pig was that he was unwilling to hurt her. Eventually, she is cuffed and hauled off. I’m surprised the people at the DMV didn’t give the officer a standing ovation.


From TheBlaze:

A woman standing at a Florida DMV counter was reportedly arguing with employees Thursday when the whole crew had enough and called a state trooper to get her out.

What happened next was all caught on cellphone video.

After the trooper showed up and ordered the 31-year-old woman to leave the Deerfield Beach facility, she refused.

So the trooper put his hands on her shoulders to physically escort her out — and that’s when the fireworks commenced.

The woman kicked the trooper, which elicited gasps from those watching the unfolding drama.

She must have been high on something and/or just plain bonkers. The woman said she beat the cop and these were the people defending us. She’s delusional. Give the officer his due, he did not lose his temper. He kept asking her what was wrong with her. I’m sure there’s a whole list of things wrong with that woman. She now faces one count of resisting arrest without violence. You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! No violence? What do you call kicking and punching a cop? I know! Assault. It probably wasn’t worth the officer’s trouble. The woman needs professional help. Someone get her a padded room, stat. She’s been in the sun far too long.







Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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