VIDEO: Friends Stunned As ‘Really Cool’ Student Goes On Ax Rampage & Gets Shot Dead By Campus Cop

VIDEO: Friends Stunned As ‘Really Cool’ Student Goes On Ax Rampage & Gets Shot Dead By Campus Cop

The Black Lives Matter “movement” is predicated upon a notion that police are inherently racist and quick to shoot blacks. Few, however, are raising any concerns over the recent shooting death of a white college student by police officers. The reason? The young man was wielding an ax and menacingly approached armed police with it.


An ax-wielding University of North Texas student has been shot dead by campus police on his 21st birthday.

Police had been responding to reports of a man smashing out car windows in streets near the Denton campus when they said they found Ryan McMillan carrying the weapon.

Witnesses say the 21-year-old had blood on his shirt and had advanced towards an officer, who shot him between four and six times,’ reports NBC DFW.

Footage, which has not been verified by police, appears to show the suspect wearing a white T-shirt and holding what looks like an ax in his hand as he walks across a car park.

Police confronted McMillan shortly after the video was filmed by an onlooker in a car.

McMillan was shot and pronounced dead at hospital 30 minutes later.

The police officer involved has been placed on administrative duty, pending the outcome of the investigation.

UNT President Neal Smatresk called it a ‘tragic day for our university family’.

‘This is a tragic event that saddens us as a university community. We offer our condolences to the individuals, their families and all involved,’ he added.

University official Margarita Venegas said officers were called out to the intersection of Oak and Fry streets, just two blocks away from the Denton campus, which still falls under campus police officers’ jurisdiction.

Venegas said the UNT police would not confirm how many shots were fired or how close the officer was to the student.

Texas Rangers and the Denton Police Department are carrying out an investigation into the incident.

The streets were blocked for several hours as police closed off the crime scene in the early hours of this morning.

Students have been left shocked by the shooting of McMillan, a sophomore hospitality major transfer student from Weatherford College.

‘He seemed like a really cool person, really down to earth,’ said fellow UNT student Ashley Jones, who was there when McMillan was shot.

‘He was the last person I would think to do that, at least from the vibes I got from him.’

She said she witnessed McMillan stand on the first floor of the U Center parking garage, with what she thought was a hammer, and smash the hood of her car.

A young white man was shot and killed by police out of fear for their safety and the safety of others. It’s understandable.

However, when Michael Brown attacked a police officer and was shot dead, the nation erupted into riots even after the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative was thoroughly debunked.

In both instances, the police reportedly acted in accordance with their duty to serve and protect; only one provoked nationwide racial tensions.

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