Michael Brown’s Pastor Experiences the Full Wrath of Ferguson Protesters When His Own Church is Burnt Down [Video]

There is no excuse for burning down a church… period. Having said that, it is far more likely that the protesters, who were really getting their violence on, mistakenly burned down Michael Brown Sr.’s church. Far more likely than saying that it was the police (not) or a bunch of white folks. As far as it being the KKK, I’m not saying they weren’t there, but I did not see anything from those reprobates on this. The revolutionary radical revelers probably got carried away, as anarchists are wont to do during the feeding frenzy of violence. The pastor should look to his own flock, neighborhood and to those outside radical protesters who don’t care who gets hurt… only that their agenda is served.

From IJReview:

The town of Ferguson has had its ups-and-downs this week. After the Darren Wilson verdict was rendered, the town was set ablaze by rioters and demonstrators who clearly disregarded the idea of keeping up peaceful protests.

In a tragic twist of irony, among the buildings that were burned to the ground was Michael Brown, Jr.’s church.

The Flood Christian Church sits in shambles today like the remnants of a wartime raze. According to KMOV, it happened during the Ferguson riots this week:

Pastor Carlton Lee, of The Flood Christian Church, says his church was set on fire…

Chairs were overturned and soot and water damage was seen throughout the building. The church also sustained damage to its windows.

On Twitter, as the rest of the town burned and chaos reigned in the streets, users took to Twitter when they saw the church had been targeted:

While burning down any buildings made little sense in respecting the Brown family, burning down Michael Brown, Sr.’s church seems to top the list of nonsensical reactions to the grand jury verdict.

The church had been serving the community since March 2013, growing to over 75 regular members. According to The Washington Post, they were going to be receiving a new member this year:

[Brown, Sr.] had vowed to bring his son, who they said had just accepted Christ, but he was killed before his first Sunday service.

So who’s behind the church arson? Pastor Carlton Lee believes he knows. And he believes they’ve been trying to reach out in threatening fashion for months. KMOV reports:

… He has received 71 threats since the shooting.

… Threats are mailed to the church or left on the door. Lee said people have threatened to kill him or burn his church with everyone inside. Lee believes he is a target because he has been protesting against police brutality.

On a night with widespread looting and vandalism, this is one more case of senseless destruction. Who is actually behind the arson? Let’s start with the KKK or any of the other racist groups that have descended on Ferguson like parasites to exploit the grief and anger of a distraught community. But no one should be surprised if the culprits ultimately turn out to be “protesters” allegedly trying to get “justice” for Michael Brown.

The part about massive death threats – not buying it. The part about Michael Brown Jr. accepting Jesus one week before he was removed from the flow of humanity… come on! That’s a standard Leftist justification and if Brown had found his way to God, he had a weird way of showing it by robbing a store, intimidating the owner, cussing out a cop, trying to steal his gun, beating on him and charging him as if he were high on drugs. There is so much dishonest crap flying around, it is stunning. Church’s should never be done this way – neither should an officer who was just doing his job.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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