A Washington Mother Shoots Home Intruder To Save Her Children On Thanksgiving [Video]

Given, the woman should never have opened the door at all, but she did the right thing and shot the guy. Thank goodness she was packing. At least she had the presence of mind at 3:15 AM to grab her gun before going to the front door. The father protected the children and huddled them the best he could – the mother shot the bastard in the stomach. That is one of the most painful ways to get shot there is – good. Maybe he’ll think twice before pushing his way into someone’s home again.

From Breitbart:

On Thanksgiving Day an Edmonds, Washington, mother shot an alleged home invader to protect herself and her four sleeping children.

According to KIRO TV, the 22-year-old suspect began “pounding” on the mother’s door at 3:15 a.m. Police say he pounded so loud for so long that the mother thought she must know the person. So she cracked the door open to see who it was and that it when the suspect pushed his way into the home.

When she realized she did not know him it was too late, he was already inside and fought back when she tried to push him out.

The father had grabbed the four children and huddled them for safety when a shot rang out–it was the sound of the mother shooting the home invader in the stomach.

Police arrived, treated the suspect on scene, then transported him to Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center for surgery. He is “being investigated for burglary.” Police said the woman faces no charges because she shot in self-defense.

As Progressive as the state of Washington has become, thank goodness they haven’t totally gone over the edge on your Second Amendment right to protect yourself and your family – not yet, anyway. The mother won’t be charged because it was self-defense. The idiot will be charged with burglary probably and he should be charged with assault in my book. Hopefully, he will be in pain for some time and then a judge will throw the book at him. Don’t come between a mother and her children… you are liable to get a belly full of lead and rightly so. This was a happy ending to turkey day with the bad guy getting stuffed.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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