SHARK Leaping From Sea Terrifies Surfing Moms

A woman caught the picture of a lifetime on her Samsung phone – a shark leaping extremely close to a bunch of Australian surfing moms. Those women couldn’t paddle fast enough back to shore. Their arms hurt and I bet that got the adrenaline flowing like nothing else. Being on the menu for a predator like that tends to wake you right up.

The shark landed just meters from the competitors. Pic: Steph Bellamy

From Sky News:

A shark leaping out of the water caused panic during a mums’ surfing competition in Australia.

Competitors paddled frantically to the safety of the shore after the predator twice breached the surface at Coffs Harbour, about 335 miles north of Sydney.

The dramatic moment, which saw the shark land just metres from the mothers of Coffs Harbour Boardriders Club, was captured on camera by spectator Steph Bellamy.

She said: “I saw a splash and wondered what it was, than I hit the button on the camera wondering if I got it, then when I checked the picture I couldn’t believe it.”

She told Sky News she captured the image on her Samsung smartphone.

The alarm was raised once the shark sighting was confirmed, but many of surfers were already heading back to the beach.

Sharni Winkler told The Coffs Coast Advocate her arms ached from the dash back to the shore.

Her husband and surf school owner Lee Winkler was also in the water at the time.

He told the paper: “I have never seen 10 women paddle that quickly to the beach before.

“Yeah I thought it was a tuna or a fish, but when the image came through on the beach I couldn’t believe it an almighty shark jumping through the line-up.”

Organisers monitored the water for 15-minutes before restarting the competition.

While the species has been unconfirmed, there is speculation it may have been a spinner shark, a thresher or a mako.

The image has been sent to experts for analysis.

What I’d like to know, is why in the heck would you only wait 15 minutes and head back out there? Do you relish being a snack lower on the food chain? Geez – that takes dedication to the sport of surfing way over the line. Mr. Shark probably was still circling out there looking for chum – dead or alive. Sharks aren’t picky. Perhaps someone should install a system that detects sharks. That bad boy was close enough to smile at his food – nice teeth.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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