Moonbat Tech: Saving Gaia by Turning People Into Garden Manure

Mortuary concerns have presented progressives with opportunities to make a pageant of their Gaia-worship and contempt for human life. The departed are made into sludge and washed down the drain in honor of the polar bears, or buried in absurd woolen caskets so that they’ll “rot down” faster. Now Swedish environmentalist Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak introduces promession:

The first step of promession is to remove the approximate 70-percent water component from the corpse.

Within a week and a half after death, the body is frozen to -18 degrees Celsius and then submerged in liquid nitrogen, a substance that Promessa Organic claims does not cause any environmental harm.

The body now very brittle is then treated to vibrations of specific amplitude that reduce the corpse to a fine organic powder, both hygienic and odourless. It finally is laid in a biodegradable container made of cornstarch.

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Wait 6 to 12 months and voilà: the deceased is now fertilizer. Experiments with the process have gone well:

To date, promession has been tested on the carcasses of hundreds of naturally expired pigs and cows. Wiigh-Mäsak planted roses above the containers and proclaims ‘excellent results.’

As Ingrid Newkirk might put it, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy is a cow is a pile of something a cow left in the field.

Grandma, is that you?

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