Nigeria Demonstrates How Muslims Lose Elections

This is what happens when non-Muslims win an election in a partially Muslim country:

Deadly rioting erupted across Nigeria’s largely Muslim north on Monday as youths torched churches and homes in anger at President Goodluck Jonathan’s election victory.

Jonathan, the first president from the oil producing Niger Delta, was declared the winner with around 57 percent of votes. He defeated Muhammadu Buhari, a former military ruler from the north, who got around 31 percent.

Observers have called the poll the fairest in decades in Africa’s most populous nation.

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But to Muslims, an election is only valid if they win. If they don’t, there is violence. The Muslim north went up in flames:

“In Kaduna we have seen dead bodies lying by the road,” Red Cross official Umar Mairiga told Reuters. “Two thousand people have been displaced at one military camp alone.”

Authorities in the northern state of Kaduna imposed a 24-hour curfew after protesters set fire to the residence of Vice President Namadi Sambo in the town of Zaria and forced their way into the central prison, releasing inmates.

The body of a small boy shot in the chest by a stray bullet was brought to a police station.

“They have destroyed our cars and our houses. I had to run for my life and I am now in my neighbour’s house,” said Dora Ogbebor, a resident of Zaria whose origins are in the south.

Plumes of smoke rose into the air in parts of Kaduna as protesters set fire to barricades of tyres. Security forces fired in the air and used teargas to disperse groups of youths shouting “We want Buhari, we want Buhari”. …

Buhari was yet to make any public statement on the violence despite appeals by foreign embassies that he call for calm.

Now for the punch line:

Police said the violence was political rather than ethnic or religious.

Islam is a totalitarian political creed, dedicated to global conquest just like communism, but dressed in the mystical ravings of an unhinged warlord from the Dark Ages instead of sophomoric rhetoric about the proletariat and bourgeoisie. All Muslim violence is political, but it is also all religious.

Eventually Nigeria will reach the tipping point, and the same thing will happen to Christians there as in Lebanon. The Islamic empire will be one country larger; civilization will be one country smaller.

In the meantime, congratulations to Nigerians on their democratic election. They had better buckle up; any country where Islam has gotten its nose in the tent is in for a rough ride.


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