More Leftist Hate: Misogynist Edition

Yawn. Liberal men hate women. Yawn again. One thing I realized early on in this business is that the supposed haters were not the conservative, white, middle-aged males. Those were my readers. Nope. The haters were hipster leftist men, and more shockingly, women, who had unresolved issues with their mommies.

Whatever, they do not like women and they don’t mind falling for stereotypically anti-feminist language to do it. Oh, the irony. These same people will turn right around and say they’re “pro-women” as long as she’s the right kind of woman–you know, the one who will let you have sex, not use condoms and dispose of any unwanted side-effects. Anyway, example number 2,679 of leftist hate, misogyny edition. From Mediaite:

Lance Baxter, the voice actor who was fired by Geico for a nasty voicemail he left in Freedomworks’ inbox, is following up his “Teabagger Boogie” with a new ad that takes aim at the Tea Party group’s president, Matt Kibbe. He starts out by scoring a few amusing, if simplistic, points on the Tea Party, but it soon becomes clear this is an exercise in personal score-settling when his Kibbe character says he thinks his subtle, side-burn-fueled attempt to get laid “is working on Tabitha.”

Who is Tabitha, and why is Lance Baxter flashing her picture as Matt Kibbe’s object of lust?

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Meh. Just another disgruntled leftist caught in his own net of hate. There are so many of them these days. Difficult to keep track of them.

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