Sarah Palin’s Alaska: Pay Attention Grassroots, The Establishment Sure Is

Alaska may well be another field of shattered, and at least shocked, establishment dreams. Or not. A poorly run Murkowski campaign headed by a dude Sarah Palin fired (he must be awesome, because she’s so stupid, we had to hire him!) because of his incompetence, now stares into the grass-roots abyss.

I expect them to act desperate.

Dan Riehl has more of the story and background (links above and below) and it’s all a must-read because Alaska is not so different than many other states: there are big good-old boy networks and these bitter clingers, do NOT want to let go of power. In the name of “pragmatics” they sellout and now, their cushy existence is in jeopardy. They’ll fight like pit vipers.

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So, the Alaska GOP phone banks for one Republican incumbent over the rival, Joe Miller.

Miller files a complaint.

The D.C. establishment needs to know that they’re being watched and they risk, if any funny business occurs in Alaska, splitting the party wide open and causing an irreparable schism.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin will be in D.C. this weekend, walking in the steps of Martin Luther King and giving a soaring speech invoking big ideas, big themes and seeming pretty damn smart.

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