AFL-CIO Joins Communists, La Raza, ACLU, Other Unions in Voter Registration Drive

Looks like the AFL-CIO is no longer even trying to hide the fact that it no longer sports a traditionally American political outlook. The labor union has announced that it is joining a voter registration drive called One Nation Working Together. This coalition is filled with some of the most extremely leftist groups in America today including the ACLU, Enviro extremists, La Raza, Code Pink, various anti-war groups, and the Communist Party USA.

This new move by the AFL-CIO finds hearty support from the People’s World newspaper, a publication dedicated to communism and the “direct descendent” of the communist Daily Worker newspaper.

The AFL-CIO joins the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), The Center for American Progress, Green For All, USAction, and many others. The effort is being headed by United for Peace and Justice.

They claim that their goal is to, “transcend our superficial differences and bring us together in a common quest for equal opportunity and justice for all.”

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I find the “superficial differences” line unintentionally hilarious because ideologically there isn’t even a hint of “superficial differences” between any of the groups involved here.

Like all these sort of left-wing efforts there is never a full list posted anywhere of what organizations have joined any particular effort. These leftist movements always try their hardest to hide from the public the extremist groups that have joined their program. The only way to piece together a partial list of participants is to look over the many news reports and catch little bits of information here and there. One wonders why they are so afraid to list what organizations have joined them?

Jeff Dunetz, though, does yeomen’s work tracking down a list of steering committee members of the UDPJ, the main sponsor. On that list we can see some hardcore, left-wing extremists. Names on that list includes among others:

  • Dana Balicki — Code Pink
  • Frida Berrigan — War Resisters League
  • Jackie Cabasso — Western States Legal Foundation
  • Steve Carlson — Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice
  • Libero Della Piana — Communist Party USA
  • Bill Henning — US Labor Against the War
  • Perry O’Brien — Iraq Veterans Against the War
  • David Wildman — US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

These are the sort of extremists that the AFL-CIO is joining teams with. As Dunetz asks, “I wonder what their rank and file would say if they announced they were joining together with Marxist, Communist, and progressive groups…?” I agree. I wonder if the rank and file knows that their leadership is throwing in with groups whose stated purpose is to destroy our American system and institute some anti-American, anti-capitalist apostasy?

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