Muslim Says She’s ‘Offended’ By Bacon Sign, Then THIS Happens

Muslim Says She’s ‘Offended’ By Bacon Sign, Then THIS Happens

Sneakers Bistro in Vermont put a sign outside their restaurant advertising yummy bacon. One woman who is Muslim complained that the sign was insensitive to her faith and Sneakers proceeded to remove the offensive ad for nommy bacon. Idiots. One woman makes a stink and they roll over and wet themselves. Pathetic. Sneakers claims they serve breakfast and not politics, so they removed the sign. But removing it IS ALL ABOUT politics. It is giving in to Shariah law and taking political correctness to cowardly extremes. Sneakers should be ashamed and I imagine that move really hurt their business.


From Top Right News:

Last year we reported on a Muslim man who complained about a school which passed out fliers inviting students to an Easter Egg hunt — actually claiming it violated the Constitution.

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Now a sign even mentioning bacon is now insensitive to the Muslim community. But it’s what one business did in response that will really make you upset.

From Breitbart:

Local Winooski, Vermont restaurant Sneakers Bistro has removed a sponsored traffic sign that read,YIELD for Sneakers Baconcitingopposition from a Muslim community member and safety concerns.

The restaurant also claimed they removed the sign out of safety concerns. What? They were afraid a bunch of Jihadists would raid and torch their establishment? The Religion of Peace would never do that. Didn’t they get the memo? I always thought Vermont was classic Americana. It engenders pictures of Norman Rockwell-type scenes. Now, all I can think of is the liberal political climate there. We have a constitutional right to free speech in this country and no person or group has a right to abridge that freedom. If she didn’t like the bacon, she should just eat something else or somewhere else.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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