GOP Lawmaker Calls for Wisconsin Citizens to “Stand Up and Fight Back” After Shooting

GOP Lawmaker Calls for Wisconsin Citizens to “Stand Up and Fight Back” After Shooting

A shooting in Wisconsin at the East Towne Mall has left local lawmakers trying to figure out a way to solve the issue. And one GOP lawmaker has a pretty good suggestion: stand up and fight back.

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Rep. Bob Gannon, R-West Bend, said in a press release Monday morning that he doesn’t feel safe in malls or on university campuses, despite extra security, and calls gun-free zone signs “the universal symbol that is now referred to as a ‘target rich environment.'”

The statement advocates for the passage of Assembly Bill 363, which would allow students, faculty and visitors with conceal carry permits to have guns on University of Wisconsin System campuses.

“Wisconsin does not have a death penalty law, but with significant practice and careful aim, law abiding citizens can help clean our society of these scum bags,” the statement said. “A gang banger in the mall with a gun is going to think twice if there could be a law abiding CCW holder standing behind them fully prepared to shoot center mass, as this is how you’re trained to eliminate the threat these creeps pose to you, your family, and all law abiding citizens unwillingly dragged into their public crime spree.”

State Democrats swiftly denounced the statement, saying Gannon’s rhetoric is “dangerous.”

“The incident at East Towne Mall was scary, but the answer is not to add more people with guns to the mix, and certainly not to call for private citizens to ‘shoot center mass,'” Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, said in a statement Monday. “Representative Gannon is living in a James Bond dream world. If more guns made us safer, we would be the safest country in the world.”

… Gannon defended his statement in subsequent interviews Monday.

“All of my comments in life are brash. I have no ability to filter it,” Gannon said. “I’m going to tell you what I really feel and let the chips fall where they may. We’ve been beating around the bush with crime in this state for a long time and I’ll tell you what, it’s not working.”

There’s a reason that mass shootings almost always occur in cities and states with strict gun control laws. As Gannon said, gun-free zones might as well include signs that say “target rich environment”, because all gun-free zones do is ensure that violent criminals know where to attack that innocent people won’t be able to fight back.

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