Oppression by Cleavage Motor Boat Noise

Oppression by Cleavage Motor Boat Noise

The sexual misconduct allegation craze has jumped the shark:

Sir Richard Branson says he has no recollection of an allegedly innapropriate incident involving one of Joss Stone’s backing singers during a party on his private Caribbean island.

The Virgin magnate was accused by Antonia Jenae of putting his head between her cleavage and making boat engine noises after inviting her to Necker Island.

The 44-year-old says she was “shocked” by the incident, which occurred “totally out of the blue.” Let that be a warning to any woman whose cleavage comes within Sir Richard’s range.

Branson is worth over $5 billion. Janae is a person of politically preferred pigmentation. If this case goes to court, she could be in for a jackpot of historic proportions — assuming the jury can stop laughing long enough to award it.

Jenae … said she was speaking out now following the sex harassment scandal that has engulfed Hollywood [not to mention Washington].

If she is making this up, kudos to Jenae on her sense of humor. Let’s see if the next allegation can top it.

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