US Military Issues North Korea Nuclear Warning

US Military Issues North Korea Nuclear Warning

North Korea’s spending on nuclear arms has increased and they’re already narrowing down which cities should be nuked first.

Speaking in an interview on ABC, former military official Admiral Mike Mullen warned that North Korea is more likely now than ever to launch a nuclear attack.

In the interview, Mullen, a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that it’s “more probable than it used to be” and that the threat of North Korea “scares me to death, quite frankly.”

“They’re the most dangerous weapons in the world. And certainly if we have someone in North Korea that has a lethal legacy, is very, very unpredictable and sees [nuclear war[ as a way to solidify his future… [he would] potentially use them.”

As for the “rhetoric” between Trump and Rocket Man, Mullen says that it contributes to the uncertainty. Rhetoric is an ancient Greek speech pattern, but it is commonly used nowadays to mean “speech that I don’t like.”

But, Mullen’s argument is simple: The North Koreans are using what little money they have to work on their nuclear capabilities. When you have so little and must prioritize, the North Koreans must believe that they are under a massive threat from outside invaders, or else they wouldn’t throw so much of their limited budget at nukes. Not only nukes themselves, but the lists of cities which must be targeted first, including:

  • Manhattan
  • Guam
  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto

Admiral Mullen said that the North Koreans have, in the past, threatened both American bases in the Pacific, as well as mainland American cities. Of course, Japan and South Korea are also big targets for the small, poor nation. North Korea has released maps of their potential targets in the past and the current targets above are necessary in order to help predict what movements that Rocket Man might take in order to be able to attack any one of those zones.

The paper that gives the list of targets says that while media paints North Korea as “crazy” and “suicidal,” they are indeed more rational and strategic than that and their movements should be predictable if you know what their desired outcome is.

“[The regime has a] calculated assessment of the threats to its survival.”

Just a few days ago, the Trump White House announced that North Korea is a “state sponsor of terror” and Trump said that this designation should have happened a long time beforehand.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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