Parents of Boy With Strange Medical Condition: ‘We’d Rather He Were Dead Than Suffering Like This’

The anguish of this 12-year-old boy and his parents in central India is heartbreaking, especially after his parents said they’d prefer he were dead than having to suffer this strange medical condition where his head hangs on his chest at an 180-degree angle.

The poor boy’s spine is so weak that he can’t stand or walk and must stay always in a seated position. He needs constant help eating, even going to the toilet is impossible by himself.

His parents are in anguish by the whole thing.

His father Mukesh Ahirwar, 40, and mother Sumitra Ahirwar, 35, who both work as labourers when they can, say they have consulted more than 50 doctors across India but none could diagnose his condition.

‘I cannot see him suffer anymore,’ said Sumitra. ‘Watching his life is devastating.
‘He cannot do anything by himself. He just sits in a corner of the room all day. It’s no life.’

She added: ‘I have to carry him like a baby everywhere but he is 12 years old, how will I carry him when he grows even older?’

‘If doctors cannot treat my son it is better that God takes him.’

Shockingly, members of the community have blamed Mahendra’s condition on Mukesh’s past sins and believe he is to blame for his son’s disability.

Heratwrenching, for sure.

Warner Todd Huston

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