Conservative Swagger – Intellectual Froglegs

Conservative Swagger – Intellectual Froglegs

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Instead of beating up fellow conservatives—save it for the Rinos and insane liberals. And just step back a second and look— conservatism is making a comeback.  More conservatives than Rinos are throwing their hats in the ring. The Right Wing is picking up steam. It’s getting it’s swagger… and freedom is sexy again.

People are sick of being lied to every day after day after day.  Yet our misguided media continues to yell fire in a crowded theater—on a daily basis.

Besides our sitting president—is there anybody less qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton? Okay, maybe The Harvard Pocahontas herself, Elizabeth Warren. lol.

The closing audio is a rare LIVE Bob Segar recording from 1975 in Los Angeles….  “Traveling Man”bob-seger-4f2c39e6006cb


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