Pastor Sentence: 10 Years To Life For Sexual Assaults, wife said he was ‘preparing them for marriage and that his affection was similar to a father’s’ [Video]

Now, that’s a whole new level of perverted sickness. He started raping these three girls back in 2005, right on into 2012. The church was conducted solely in this pastor’s home if I read this right, after meeting at a regular church. That’s a warning sign right there. One of these girls was raped 30 to 50 times within three years. Even one time is monstrous, but this is something truly evil. What I’d like to know is why these girls couldn’t go to their parents and tell them what was going on? This is not only a crime against these girls, it is a crime against the Christian faith. This man is a sociopath in pastor’s clothing.

From CBS Denver:

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – A pastor who pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust has been sentenced to 10 years to life in prison.

Gerald Clark’s victims include three young women who knew him through the church they attended with their families. The abuse happened over a period of seven years and date back as far as 2005 and as recently as April 2012.

Clark originally faced 10 counts, but those were dropped in exchange for a guilty plea in December 2012 to one count that covers all three felony counts of victims under the age of 18.

At the sentencing on Friday, the judge said it was a disturbing case even troubling his own faith as he went over the details, not only because it involved sexual abuse but also spiritual abuse.

The first young woman to come forward told police that Clark was a father figure and mentor to her. She said the sexual abuse occurred approximately 30 to 50 times between 2009 and 2012 when she was 13 to 16 years old.

Clark met that alleged victim and her family at Victory Church. They then followed Clark to Jericho Ministries International that Clark ran out of his Westminster home.

“Looking back now I see how they were able to coax us into that and then separate us from our family, and manipulating our family life and telling us our parents are wrong,” said one victim who didn’t want to be identified.

“The most difficult part about the situation that we all were in was specifically because there was no way out, there was nobody for us to talk to… Our entire life was that church,” said another victim who didn’t want to be identified.

One victim testified at the sentencing hearing that when she approached the pastor’s wife about the abuse she claims she said that Clark was preparing them for marriage and that his affection was similar to a father’s.

Clark and his wife are still married.

Not only is Clark a demon, his wife is just as bad. She knew what was going on and is still married to him and standing by him. Even after he got 10 years to life for what he did. She also told the girls he was like a father figure and was preparing them for marriage. So, she condones incest as well, does she? Because that is what she insinuated when she claimed it was like the affection of a father. And she evidently thinks rape is just one more thing to get a young girl ready for marriage. Absolutely sick. Why isn’t she in jail as well? No amount of punishment would be enough for these two monsters.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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